Managing clients should be easy. With Fitbot it is.

You should spend your time focusing on your clients, not your systems. Fitbot allows you to focus on what matters.

Manage Unlimited Clients

Manage all of your clients in one place. Keep up to date on billing, share documents and set individual goals.

Stats & More Stats

Part of being a great coach, is seeing great results. Fitbot allows you to see them across your entire client list.

Notifications for Everyone

Coaching works best when there is open communication. Clients can add entries and check-ins which will keep you in the loop.

Our Pricing Plan


$10/Per Month

Includes all standard features

Clients: 10 Active *

Support: 1 Week Response

Custom Domain


$25/Per Month

Includes all features

Clients: 30 Active *

Support: 3 Day Response

Custom Domain

Best  Value


$50/Per Month

Includes all features

Clients: 75 Active *

Support: 24 Hour Response

Custom Domain

* In our system, an "active" client is determined as someone you are currently coaching. If your coaching ends with a client, you have the ability to archive them. You'll still be able to view information and stats, but will not be able to actively manage them unless they are un-archived.

Get Notified When We Launch

We're currently in private beta and only working with select coaches. If you'd like to get on our list and be notied when we release, you can sign up below.